Strip paintings

Making strips will always be a joyous exercise for me because it allows me to devote myself to the painted fiction I created: "once upon a time the COMITIVE".

We can follow the adventures of Lisa L'Aventura, Duke Spencer Percival and Don Cello di Cordoba fighting tirelessly against the surreal concept of acceleration that has hit the planet and jealously protected by some famous banksters...

These strips make me relive the joys of childhood when I followed every week the extraordinary adventures of my favorite characters or heroes, all from popular or underground culture.

The technical means of the time were not what they are today but what an imagination!

These works propose to confront the horizontality of the stories to follow that I created and the verticality of the painting. Creating characters, scripting my own two-dimensional stories, manipulating framing and merging graphics is what this series of works entitled: STRIP illustrates