Marc FERRERO Interview : You are regarded as the "Creator of the Storytelling Art".

Updated: Feb 3

Could you explain in your own words what the term "Storytelling Art" means in the field of painting?

What did happen in the field of paintings, since 50 years comparing to all other forms of art in term of technics, purpose, or image ? Who can say, being a painter today is as fun as being a painter during the cubism, surrealism, or pop art period ?

That's why I thought many years ago, that something has to change in the approach of being a painter. There is always two ways to improve art or any kind of things, first you follow ideas of the preview generation and improve certain part of their creations, second you reverse all process to discover new fields of possibilities.

Storytelling art reverse all process, why ?

Last century the quest for all painters, was to experiment new graphic representation.

The story start with impressionism then fauvism, cubism, surrealism, expressionism, abstraction, action painting, pop art, graffitis art, and many others. All these fantastic artists of all that times experiment all graphics so deeply and in so many directions, that any serious graphic revolution can’t happen now. Storytelling art is not a question of graphic style, but is all about interpretation. It doesn’t change what means to be a painter, it changes the approach of being a painter, why ?

The normal process of a painter is to start from reality to create his own vision of his subject through his personal graphic style. I reverse the process, starting from my imaginary world to create a new reality, using graphics styles like tools.

Usually the graphic unity of a painting come from a unique kind of treatment (cubist painting, abstract painting, pop art painting etc …) I take all liberties to use any kind of graphics to express the psychologic reality of a character, subject, or scene and I can do that on the same plan, even on the same motif.

All paintings tell a story, it is a fact, but to know the story the public has to wait the painting enter in museums.

Most of the time an artist is dead when it's happening and he can't express anything by himself (can you imagine that your favorite rock band or actor has to die first before to know the ideas behind all his creation ???).

I start from a story, and the public faces directly with the real meaning of my art.

Why the framing is in the field of paintings are so conventional and classical.

I love to multiply the way to frame my different subjects because it creates more suspense and drama through the image I produce.

The main words of Storytelling art are FICTION concerning stories and characters, MANIPULATION of the framing, and FUSION of all kind of graphism.

Believe me, in these day, nothing can be more fun than being a storytelling artist, and the next step for museums is to have walls dedicated to stories.

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