« Vision paranoïaque du monde de l’accélération… »

In the universe of acceleration the Multifaceted Man is a pawn.

High technology, under the influence of the theory of opposites, made him a slave to his own creation. Isn't the brand-new tuxedo that high-tech wore to seduce us in fact the disguise of the devil in person? ! ? The number 666 inscribed at the bottom of Banksters' shoes suggests it. The hyperconnected multifaceted human mirror paved with a "ready to think" capsule, reflects the sad image of a man trapped.

Could a magic key save him?

No, of course ! Only nobility and chivalrous principles which are embodied by a horse out of nowhere can enter the world of acceleration in order to right all wrongs. But that will require him to destroy the terrible atomic clocks that are hiding up there, in the floating cities.

Record numbers and great rhetoric have trapped everyone in the art market, but the theory of opposites applies to all fields.

The figures certainly impress, but it is the nobility of the artistic approach and the beauty that seduce the public. A bulging stencil on a table will never defeat a Van Gogh or a Monet …

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