The only possible escape is from the mind, where the imagination resides

but does acceleration give way to the imagination?

In the adventures of la Comitive, a dark idol altered the measurement of time with new technologies and created the empire of acceleration.


To survive the fast life era your brain must be reprogrammed, then stuffed with "ready to think" capsules, you experience perfect happiness in a world created for you.

One slogan had changed the phase of humanity:

"Today it's not the big guys who eat the small anymore, but the rapids who eat the slow ones.

A woman had said no, her name: Lisa l'Aventura, she was the head of a rebel network called the COMITIVE SOCIETY CLUB, and she was going to face the empire of acceleration with a magic weapon: the question Mark ...

If in the 1960s the recycling of consumer products was a revolutionary idea in the art world, it does not today.

StoryTelling art reposition the imagination at the center of artistic creation in the form of painted fictions.

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