«PANIQUE A NEW YORK… »Huile sur toile 180 X 180 cm /oil on canvas 71 X 71 inches

This work is taken from the graphic novel imagined by Marc Ferrero and entitled


... As the city broke new records for profitability in the acceleration empire, a robot patrol was the target of a Question Mark attack ...

No robot survived this new immersive experience. This time, it was the emotional power of the colors of a light cavalry charge from the Napoleonic army that destabilized the high-tech robotics of the Empire, allowing the rebellion to massively destroy the patrol.The Bankster Corporation is continuing its investigations and from our sources it appears that a woman is suspected of having very close ties to the rebel network involved in this attack. The name of this offshore network is: the Comitive Society club.

Lisa Laventura, is the name of this woman, she is summoned today to the floating city of New York for questioning.

"We remind everyone that any Lucky Number found guilty of being linked to the rebellion will immediately undergo a reprogramming of his brain and will be donated to the Abstract World ..." was the beginning of the interrogation ...

Panic in the world of contemporary art, painting reconnects with its glorious past and puts the act of painting back at the center of the debate ...

Exit overhead projector, computer graphics, repainted photos and digital prints, return to imagination, graphics and color mixing!

A little reminder of the facts: if the POP ART has introduced mechanical tools in order to create a new artistic language it was because Art needed new ideas to open up new horizons. However before the 70s and POP ART who would have dared to claim to become a contemporary artist without knowing how to draw!

Let things be clear, it is not enough to know how to draw to be a respected contemporary artist, but today how many true graphic designers are there in the world of contemporary art! ! !

Not knowing how to draw implies referring to things that already exist, that is the real root of the problem. Today the recycling of ideas has lived, Storytelling Art brings imagination, graphics and the knowledge of colors back to the fore.

Devoting your art to painting on digital printing or using an overhead projector is a bit like giving Lionel MESSI a blueprint on a football field to score an exceptional goal!

A mechanical process is not a style, it is technical prowess that creates value except when record nicknames in the auction house distort the situation and when the numbers speak a lot go blind!

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