A painting? No, a movie, but in a frame!

Updated: Feb 3

“The painter of the 21st century will be a total film maker” says Marc Ferrero in an interview for Madame Figaro China. If this statement can at first be surprising, the explanation makes it so simple, that we can wonder how nobody has think of this fusion before. Indeed, the artist explain how filmmaker and painter can share several technics such as: colors, framings, plans… The advantage of being a painter is having the possibility to mix horizontal concept of a novel and the verticality of a painting on a fixed image. As in movies, images are moving too fast to do that on one plan.

“Creating characters, will always be, in my mind a negotiation between reality and imagination” he explains. Lisa Laventura an intelligent glamorous heroine, with a frightening sense of negotiation. Americano-Monegasque passionates about art chess, she is the owner of the Monaco trust bank. Her favorite punchline? Simply, “I’m the best thing that never happened to this world”. Duke Spenser Percival is an English ex-trader, known for his jazz and poker skills, without forgetting his recognizable dark glasses. “Nothing says goodbye like a bullet”, I mean, what a punchline!

Don Cello di Cordoba, a fugitive Argentinean polo player, who leitmotif is “Bigger, better, stronger, faster, no limit!…”. On top of that, an impressive passion for Tango and Gaucho.

Have you ever heard about banksters? The combination of bankers and gangsters? You will soon for sure!

The Ferrero’s characters have a lot of personality and you will probably recognize yourself in some of their thoughts, motivations, emotions and gestures, as they are so realistic.

For the artist, telling a story on a painting gives the public the possibility to create their own, what a fantastic aspect of storytelling art.

“Faced with a single graphic image you are a spectator, faced with storytelling art painting you are an accomplice”.

Aren’t you curious to try the difference?

Now that you have had a glimpse of this unprecedented adventure, aren’t you curious to learn more about it?

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