New Collection 2022

Storytelling Art is not a graphic movement, it is a technique of interpretation which requires the artist to constantly renew himself. In this new collection of original artworks, I integrate new technologies into my artistic production in order to create dynamism and above all to find creative systems that allow me to tell stories with a lot of spontaneity, a quick line, associations of ideas and symbols. 

As an artist who lives with his time I’m also very interested in new technologies (immersive techniques, infography…) and even if I like to express myself in oil with classic techniques I love to explore new possibilities of artistic expression and thanks to the technical requirement and the richness of my oil paintings multiple possibilities are offered to me. Thanks to the contribution of new technologies I proceed in the same way as it is done in music and I remix my works like a DJ in order to reinterpret them.

I decided to paint these works flat without them being mounted on a frame (they are therefore sold rolled) thus the collector can decide on the purpose of the work: Exhibited under glass, on a frame or laminated on dibond and framed or not.