“I never exhibit my Art works I tell stories to the public...” 

storytelling art is  all about FUSION in painting


« Artistic movements will always be a mirror of their own generations . Today a simple graphic representation doesn’t speak enough to create big emotions… 

Telling a story, means that you enter into the imaginary world of the people... 

I reverse the process multi-playing angles and different framings to create more dynamic images and suspense through my paintings. 

Fiction, manipulation and fusion are the main words of Storytelling art movement. 

Storytelling art means using graphics like tools.

The artists of the previous generation have prepared for our new generation of painters, fantastic visual effects. The quest now is not to find a new graphic style but to create fusion of all kinds of subjects and graphism to express stories

I love all artistic periods and since my beginnings I’m used to play with all of them on my different creations.The public  has to understand that all the other forms of art are based on fusion… »

The roots of Storytelling Art movement come from his period working in the comics industry. That is how he starts to fragment and section stories on canvas. Despite the fact that he is a self made man, the path he followed during his training is somewhat classic : a long apprenticeship focused on drawing and sketching (black lead, charcoal, black and white, gouache then acrylic and oil). While 16 years old he completed personal projects that allowed him to travel extensively and started developing his inspiration towards the creation of stories giving life to his own characters and his Storytelling Art project : "ONCE UPON A TIME LA COMITIVE » and currently he works with movie producers to adapt his painted fiction as a movie. 


Today collectors and Art dealers from all over the world come to visit his studio in the South of France near Monte Carlo. So far nearly 10 000 pieces of Art are in private collections and he collaborates with famous brands like HUBLOT  (Big Bang one click Marc FERRERO and Big Bang E), I’m involved in #HUBLOTLOVESART since 2018 . « when I sit down in the meeting room at the hublot office in Switzerland, I know everybody around the table is thinking out of the box. All the people from Hublot think fast and move fast, they push me in terms of creativity and are completely open minded for any kind of project… »



« Je n’expose jamais mes oeuvres, je viens raconter une histoire au public …. » 

Le storytelling art est l'art de la Fusion...


Marc Ferrero est un artiste peintre contemporain français qui  fait entrer la peinture dans le 21ème siècle en créant le mouvement du STORYTELLING ART :

Le mouvement s’articule autour de 3 principes de base : 

La création de fictions peintes avec une parfaite maîtrise de la peinture à l’huile, la manipulation des cadrages en intégrant les techniques cinématographiques de la narration et la fusion des graphismes, les mouvements picturaux deviennent alors des outils au service de la narration. 

Les styles, les techniques, les mouvements picturaux, les époques se superposent pour composer un récit d’ensemble une oeuvre de « storytelling art ».

Les personnages sont récurrents, les héros incarnent une protestation contre la face sombre du monde.

Le peintre joue avec les plans comme un réalisateur de film, mélange les genres, les techniques et les idées tout en recherchant un point d’équilibre dans ses toiles qui fait de son oeuvre un ensemble en mouvement dans lequel le spectateur devient acteur et entre dans l’histoire grâce à sa propre interprétation. 

Tel est le pouvoir extraordinaire de la peinture car tout devient possible, aucune réponse tranchée n’est envisageable.
Chacun verra alors  le monde  imaginaire créé par l’artiste à travers un prisme différent, l’oeil, sa caméra interne lui permettra de ressentir les scènes différemment .

Le Storytelling Art créé des oeuvres en mouvement dans lesquelles sont impliqués l’esprit et le sens du spectateur et c’est en cela aussi que ce mouvement pictural est novateur.
Le Storytelling Art projette le spectateur au sein d’une histoire qu’il peut suivre ou bien s’approprier.

Marc FERRERO interview :

Which true innovative idea has developed your paintings ?

Without any doubt, I'd say fusion.

By using either on the same plan or progressively various sorts of graphism (Cubism, impressionism, surrealism, figurative, etc)

the way a movie director will use special effects in storytelling, always be such an exciting challenge.

My style is not only about graphism, it is rather the psychological approach of a topic I intend to treat. My decision of what angle and technic will always come next.

This is the reason why I claim that the painter of the 21st century will be a complete film maker...


What are your influences ?

Whenever I look at an original comic strip, I see imperial classicism in it, when I look at a VAN GOGH painting I see a comic book, when I watch a movie I see paintings, whenever I look at paintings in a museum it's like watching  a never ending story, and when I look cubism I see strange characters and create my fictives bad guys "the banksters"...

All of that furiously tempts me to paint imaginary tales ! This is how Storytelling Art was born ...

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